Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chris Colt vs Wildman 1982

Chris Colt was a wild wrestler in his day, both in the big city arenas and the small town rinks. He had debuted at MLG back in 1972 as Christopher Colt and as part of the Hells Angels tag alongside Ron Dupree. He returned for a stretch in 1976 and worked both at the Gardens and on the small town circuit run by Dave 'Wildman' McKigney.

He would return to 'Big Time Wrestling' in the summer of 1982 and appear each year on parts of Dave's seasonal Ontario tours right through 1987.

These pics are from a street-fight in Cornwall in August 1982 and as with most of Colt's bouts for Dave there was lots of blood spilled in a crazy bout.

Was a good season that year, also on the card and serving as 'Lumberjacks' you can see Kurt Von Hess, George 'Animal' Steele, Dom Denucci, Bobo Brazil, and Bruno Sammartino Jr. (David.). The ref is Mark Greer, Wolfman Farkus' son.

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