Thursday, July 28, 2011

Duncan McTavish

Duncan McTavish who passed away recently was a regular in Toronto in the mid 70's and would return on the Wildman circuit in the 80's. Also worked under his real name -Matt Gilmore -  in other areas, these pics are from Cornwall ON Aug 1985 vs The Sheik. 

There are other pics of McTavish around the MLWP sites  

RIP Matt Gilmore 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shaking The Ring '82

According to Tim Gerrard, Norm Kimber wasn't fond of wrestlers jumping up and down in the ring while he was in the midst of Announcing duties. He must have been less than thrilled on this night! Valiant on a good night was like a jitterbug in there as it was.

In addition to holding the boom box (a giant! IPOD for you young fans) he is seen trying to escape after Jimmy Valiant and Pork Chop Cash attack Private Don Kernodle and Ivan Koloff before the bout Apr 25 1982. Ref Terry Yorkston looks on from the side.